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Hot summer sun & tarmac drives. What you need to know

We certainly experienced a hot summer 2021 with a few memorable, ‘Phew what a scorcher’ weeks.

Although the weather is now looking more changeable, some hot spells are still forecast.

When the temperatures soar, we’ve all seen roadways and tarmac areas begin to darken and even melt a little, especially where heavy vehicles have been manoeuvring.

If you have (or if you are thinking of investing in) a tarmacked driveway, here’s what you need to know.

Don’t worry

The first thing to say is; there’s no reason to worry.

If it is especially hot, yes, there may be some darkening and melting of tarmac. This is because, as tarmacadam is heated before laying, it can simply re-activate during very hot weather.


Permeable tarmac is more likely to do this than non-permeable. However, if you take a little care, this is highly unlikely to have any lasting effect.

What to watch out for

The key issue here is tyre marks from vehicles.


When leaving and returning avoid therefore, turning your steering wheel when your vehicle is stationary or consistently turning on/ driving across the same point on your driveway. Vary this if you can.

Further, if it really is heatwave conditions, consider parking temporarily on the roadside instead of your drive, until the weather returns to normal.

The good news

The good news is, that unless your tarmac is moved or scraped, any surface scars or marks will typically fade back to their usual (lighter grey) tone when temperatures return to normal.

t will usually return in a few weeks or even days.

Take care with new installations

Finally, if you have recently had your drive surface installed, then do take a little extra care

This is because, for the first month and even up to the first half-year, heat melt is more likely.

After this however, your surface is more embedded and robust.

A trusted contractor

When it comes to professional surfacing, we want you to get the very best results from the right contractor.

We are therefore, always here to give impartial advice, so do call us if you have any questions on 01386 422411.

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