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How much do tarmac driveways cost?

If you are planning to have a driveway or other exterior surface tarmacked (either re-surfaced or a new one installed) it is important to have a clear idea of how much you should expect to pay.

Here we are very pleased to give an unbiased view, on what to expect in terms of cost.

A fair price for quality work

In simple terms, the price should be fair, for a professional job.


We’ve all heard horror stories about poor work done and worry that a cheap tarmac driveway could become an expensive pile of potholes. A trusted contractor will outline the expected costs and give you all the background you need.


Let’s example this with a typical, two-car drive. For most domestic homes, these usually cover between 60 to 80 sq.m and, for new surfacing and overlay, cost £40 per sq.m. Please note, that this may be a higher fee (from £80 per sq.m) if you require a complete dig out and resurface. This will include new sub base, base layer tarmac and surface layer tarmac.


Additional factors, such as the requirement for edging and kerbs, can also make a difference to your final fee.


When it comes to commercial resurfacing, to cover 600 sq. meters, with no edging and an existing solid base, this will cost typically from only £25 per sq.m. Again, there are several factors that affect the final cost, such as the grade of tarmac and overall depth or type of finish that you require.

When appointing a contractor, you should also ensure that you have a clear understanding of the materials that will be used (and what the final result will look like) and that your contractor will fully clear the site afterward and not leave rubble and dusty services.

Paperwork and payment

We recommend getting quotes from two or three contractors. Ideally, these will be written quotations, on headed paper.

Check also, the payment terms. Your contractor will most likely ask for 30% upfront and for the remaining payment, after invoicing.

The work should also include a satisfaction guarantee.

The right contractor - the best results

We want you to get the very best results from the right contractor. Why not read our blog - I need my driveway resurfaced. How do I choose a trusted supplier?

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